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Ethical fine jewelry, customized to suit you.
Band Jewelry is an ethically-minded fine jewelry brand. We specialize in custom pieces designed to become extensions of your body.

I'm Bailey Anderson Busch, the designer of Band Jewelry. I am a West Coast native, but developed my skills in the jewelry industry in London and New York City. I have worked professionally within the jewelry industry since 2010. I hold a BA in Studio Art from Scripps College as well as a GIA Graduate Gemology (GG) degree and Bench/CAD/Design certifications.

The name "Band Jewelry" originated in 2013. "Band" is a combination of my first initial, "B," plus the first syllable of my middle name, Anderson, which is also my mother's maiden name. Thus, the name "Band" honors my family, while the word itself evokes a sense of connectedness, my goal with every piece I create. 

For me, fine jewelry's value and meaning is centered around its sentimentality. The unique elements, quality materials, and the imbued significance are what makes a piece worthy of treasuring for generations. Band Jewelry pieces are meant to be enjoyed and to bring positive energy into your daily life along with your more momentous occasions.

With a reverence for things that endure structurally and aesthetically, Band Jewelry translates sentimental emotions into talismans that the owner can hold close to their body. We engage deeply with our customers during the custom design process to create pieces that perfectly represent you or the recipient. Fine jewelry is an intentional, perpetual way to share your commitment and devotion to your loved ones or yourself. For this reason, the majority of Band Jewelry is made to be worn on a regular basis.

As a designer and human being, I feel driven to make socially and environmentally responsible choices in my business and daily life. As a luxury item, it is especially important to carefully select jewelry that you will own forever and feel proud of. While the jewelry industry is known for its misuse of natural resources and human labor, Band Jewelry strives to provide pieces that are made out of fairly produced, traceable or recycled materials. I love using post-consumer stones, working with stone dealers/mine owners who directly vouch for their products, and producing castings out of recycled fine metals. All pieces are made to order in an effort to curb unnecessary material production.

I am so thrilled to present Band Jewelry to you. I sincerely hope you will adore every Band piece you collect or gift.

All the best,