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Ethical fine jewelry, customized to suit you.

 Band Jewelry offers custom design services for fine jewelry projects. We design pieces that you can't find anywhere else, objects that become uniquely yours. Throughout the design process, you'll work directly with our designer and founder Bailey Busch to bring an idea to life. If you would like to discuss a potential piece, please fill out the form on our Custom Inquiry page to start the conversation.


The custom process time frame ranges based on the piece's complexity and its material's rarity. Once a design is agreed upon, the average production process takes eight to twelve weeks. This does not include the design process or material gathering as this time fluctuates based on material accessibility and the time a client requires to decide among proposed designs.


The pieces you purchase from Band Jewelry are tailored specifically to you and the price points reflect their individuality and craft. To begin the design process, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit. Your deposit includes your consultation, two rounds of designs, and placement on our studio's schedule. Your deposit will be applied to the final price of your piece. Band Jewelry works with carefully selected fine materials and master workshops; because of this, custom pricing begins at $1000.

During the custom process you will be guided through three phases:

  1. We will discuss timeline, materials, budget, design aesthetic and production process. Bailey will then sketch a variety of options based on your conversation and begin sourcing gemstones. You will then have the opportunity to select one of those designs or go through one more round of edits (additional design rounds are available for a fee).
  2. The selected design will be converted into a technical drawing that will go to production. The design will be hand-carved in jewelers wax or translated into a CAD file and 3D printed. The wax/print then goes through the lost wax casting process to create a raw casting. Your raw casting will then be polished and set with stones.
  3. Your finished piece will be subject to rigorous inspection and professionally photographed for our records. At this point your new heirloom is ready to be packaged and shipped or hand-delivered to you (available based on location).


Custom Considerations


  • Payment procedure will be discussed during our initial conversations and a final price will be set once a design has been selected.
  • You will be asked to sign a custom design contract.
  • Customers' own jewelry may be retrofitted at the discretion of Band Jewelry. Design, material, and production fees still apply.
  • We do not repair or clean jewelry.